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Zor Ka Jhatka SerialZor Ka Jhatka combines Shahrukh Khan's impeccable sense of comedy with a daredevil attitude of stunt shows, for a result that's hilarious and entertaining for the whole family! Known for his comic timing, sharp wit and clever dialogues, Shah Rukh Khan will be the perfect host for the show, and make every fall and every tumble seem even funnier so that audiences sitting at home will be laughing continuously.

At the launch conference for the show in Mumbai, Shahrukh Khan said, 'This is an exciting association for me on many levels...coming back to television, working with Sameer and Imagine once again and most importantly, because I'm doing something completely different from what I've done on television before. It promises to be a thrilling ride with lots of thrills and spills and I'm looking forward to being a super funny host-commentator. In fact my children and I have watched the international version often and really loved it. Together, Imagine and I are sure to 'Wipeout' all your worries and make you have loads of fun!'

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This is what Zor Ka Jhatka's schedule looks like for the next 7 days.
February 21st 2018 Wednesday8:30am
February 22nd 2018 Thursday8:30am
February 23rd 2018 Friday8:30am
February 24th 2018 Saturday8:30am
February 25th 2018 SundayOff-air
February 26th 2018 Monday8:30am
February 27th 2018 Tuesday8:30am

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