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Ye Hai Aashique SerialGood news for anyone who enjoyed the show watch Ye Hai Aashique - Siyappa Ka Ishq when it was firsttelecasted in August 2013. UTV Bindaas is back with season 2 of your favorite show!! The show is a one episode story featuring love stories of real life television couples. The hosts of this show, Vikrant Massey and Rithvik Dhanjani, brought their fair share of fun and life into the show. Lucky for us, a handful of celebrities made appearances on the first season to promote their upcoming movies. We don’t get to see much of reality TV shows based on love theme. After all those talent hunts, singing and dancing competitions, this really is a breath of fresh air. Ye Hai Aashiqui will be aired on your very own, Bindaas TV at 7pm starting 20th of June 2015 and to state the obvious, do not miss it!

Ye Hai Aashique Updates

January 31st 2017 - Yeh hai ashiqui OS
January 5th 2017 - Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 37)
January 3rd 2017 - Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 36)
December 25th 2016 - Yehi Hai Ishq (Episode 52)
December 23rd 2016 - Yehi Hai Ishq (Episode 51)
December 11th 2016 - Yehi Hai Ishq (Episode 49)
December 10th 2016 - Yehi Hai Ishq (Episode 48)
December 8th 2016 - Yehi Hai Ishq (Episode 47)
December 4th 2016 - Yehi Hai Ishq (Episode 44)
November 13th 2016 - Yehi Hai Ishq (Episode 43)
November 11th 2016 - yeh kya ho gaya?-shivika os
October 28th 2016 - #AbhiGya #Aashiqui Part three
October 24th 2016 - Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 35)
October 21st 2016 - #AbhiGya #Ashiqui
October 18th 2016 - Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 33)
October 16th 2016 - Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 32)
October 12th 2016 - Yehi Hai Ishq (Episode 42)
October 2nd 2016 -
September 27th 2016 -
September 6th 2016 - Yehi hai Ishq (episode 36)
September 2nd 2016 - Yehi hai Ishq (episode 35)
August 12th 2016 - Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 24)
July 6th 2016 -
June 20th 2016 -
June 15th 2016 -
June 10th 2016 -
June 9th 2016 -
June 8th 2016 -
June 7th 2016 -
June 4th 2016 -
June 3rd 2016 -
June 2nd 2016 -
May 30th 2016 -
May 25th 2016 -
May 24th 2016 -
May 23rd 2016 -
May 12th 2016 -
April 23rd 2016 -
April 22nd 2016 -
April 20th 2016 -
April 19th 2016 - Yehi Hai Ishq… (intro)

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