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Woh Teri Bhabhi Hai Pagle SerialSab TV and Optimistix Productions bring you a joint collaboration of an epic love triangle. Love, lies and humor all meet when Nathu Nakabandi and Ranbir Raichand fall in love with Dr. Diya and will go to any measures to be with her. Raichand, played by Ather Habib, comes from money, you know money to burn and his crush hates rich people who throw their money to get whatever they want. The second contender for Diyas love is Nathu, played by Ali Asgar, who happens to be a gangster. And obviously Diya hates gangers for obvious reasons. The solution they find is to pretend to be something else. Ranbir pretends to be a doctor and join the hospital and Nathu pretend to be sick and becomes a patient in the same hospital. Coincidentally, Ranbir is Nathus doctor and soon enough they discover each others secret. Have a great have hour laughing while you watch the boys make tireless efforts to expose one another to Diya (Krishna Gokani). The show was launched on 18th January 2016 and will air Monday to Friday at 10:30 pm only on the home of comedy, Sab TV.

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February 23rd 2018 Friday10:00am
February 24th 2018 SaturdayOff-air
February 25th 2018 SundayOff-air
February 26th 2018 Monday10:00am
February 27th 2018 Tuesday10:00am
February 28th 2018 Wednesday10:00am
March 1st 2018 Thursday10:00am

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