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Waaris SerialWaaris is a family drama set against the background of the underworld. It is the story Rudra Pratap Singh (Ashish Vidyarthi) who is an aging mafia don.He is married to Yashodhara (Indira Krishnan) and has two sons, Shankar (Iqbal Khan) and Shaurya (Yuvraj Malhotra).The story, as the name suggests is about the search of the true Waaris to the position created by the senior don.


RUDRA PRATAP SINGH (Ashish Vidyarthi),is a gentleman. He is soft spoken and prefers to listen instead of talking. But only Shankar knows that he uses his silences to gauge the true intentions of the person he is talking to.

YASHODA (Indra Krishnan),wife of Rudra Pratap, is an earth mother, a quiet, docile woman who handles her unusual family with a stoic resignation to her destiny. She advises her daughter-in-law Gayatri to do the same. They have married into this family and that cannot be changed.

SHANKAR (Iqbal Khan),Rudra Prataps’e eldest son, is an obedient, loyal son for whom his father’s wish is a command. He is a self effacing and headstrong man, who has no control over his anger. He cannot tolerate anything against his father, not even from his own wife. He loves his younger brother Shourya and could kill in cold blood for him.

GAYATRI (Shilpa Shinde),Shankar’s wife. She resents the fact that Shankar is a part of the underworld and the fact that her father-in-law has unfairly protected Shourya from all of itl. She too wants a decent life for her unborn child like Shourya enjoys. She even confronts her husband for her rights to a decent life.

Shourya (Yuvraj Malhotra),is Rudra Pratap’s younger son. Bright, sporty, Studious, Shourya’s only aim in life is to fulfill the dream of his father which is to get good education, get respected and get honoured. Shourya does not know that his father is a mafia don.

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