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Twist Wala Love SerialTwist Wala Love is an episodic series from Channel V that is targeted to the youth. It shows love stories with odd twists and turns that grab the viewers attention and keep them engaged. Twist Wala Love is produced by Frog Unlimited Productions and the lead producer is Kabir Sadanand. Some of the actors that are part of the show include Vrushika Mehta, Rohan Gandotra, Adnan Khan, Ashish Kaul and more. Watch Twist Wala Love on Channel V.

Twist Wala Love Updates

September 7th 2016 - The untold love..(OS)
August 18th 2016 - ISHQ WALA LOVE (Promo)
August 3rd 2016 - Is this called love?
July 9th 2016 - TwiNj LoVers (epi-5)
July 5th 2016 - TwiNj LoVers (epi-4)
July 3rd 2016 - Swasan True Love OS
June 27th 2016 - TwiNj LoVers (epi-3)
June 26th 2016 - Swasan love os
June 18th 2016 - FUTURISTIC LOVE (Epi 1)
June 16th 2016 - twinj love – os
June 11th 2016 - TwiNj LoVers (epi-1)
May 23rd 2016 -
May 20th 2016 - Swara’s Love (Intro)
May 19th 2016 - Ishq Wala love
May 13th 2016 - SwaSanLak TRUE LOVE os 2
May 8th 2016 - This is LIFE
April 30th 2016 - The Lost Wallet (OS)
April 24th 2016 - swasan love and duty
April 15th 2016 - Ishq wala love (Episode 1)
April 14th 2016 - Ishq wala love (Intro)
April 12th 2016 - I am weak coz of LOVE!
April 3rd 2016 - Swasan our love os
March 27th 2016 - FIRST LOVE. … (Epi 1)
March 20th 2016 -
February 21st 2016 - Twing special love (Part 1)
February 10th 2016 - trust v/s love – Intro
December 11th 2015 - swasan LOVE (Chapter 9)
December 6th 2015 - swasan LOVE (Chapter 7)
December 5th 2015 - swasan LOVE (Chapter 6)
December 4th 2015 - swasan LOVE (Chapter 5)
December 2nd 2015 - swasan LOVE (Chapter 2)
December 1st 2015 - swasan LOVE (Chapter 1)
November 30th 2015 - swasan LOVE (Intro)
November 20th 2015 - I dare to love
November 6th 2015 - the story of hate n love
August 24th 2015 - In pursuit of love

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