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Tum Saath Ho Jabh Apne SerialMariyam, a widow, lives with her daughter Najma in Lucknow. The extended family from her in-laws side has been relentless in the pursuit of Mariyam’s remarriage which she resists. Amidst this tension, Najma start to spread her wings and aspires to play Tennis. But her aspirations are met with opposition in the form of familial restrictions and gender bias. Mariyam becomes a pillar of strength for Najma and against all odds starts nurturing her dreams. Meanwhile Imran, a brooding, misunderstood man who is a sports coach joins the neighbourhood. He becomes a mentor to Najma and a confidant to Mariyam. And with him comes a wind of change in their lives. The story explores if Mariyam will be able to fall in love again and if Najma’s dreams will take flight. Read More

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January 23rd 2017 Monday8:30am
January 24th 2017 Tuesday8:30am
January 25th 2017 Wednesday8:30am
January 26th 2017 Thursday8:30am
January 27th 2017 Friday8:30am
January 28th 2017 Saturday8:30am
January 29th 2017 SundayOff-air

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