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The Voice India SerialThe Voice India, based on the hit America show, takes the next step forward to bring India�s best voice talent to the mainstream. The voice coaches include Sunidhi, Mika, Himesh, and Shaan. Their job is to bring the best out of the contestants and get them ready for the big leagues. Furthermore, the star coaches occasionally et on stage as well and perform some of their biggest hits.

The Voice India airs on AndTv and bridges the gap between American and Indian television. The show follows the same format as the American version.

The Voice India Updates

July 12th 2017 - True love: twinj (part-3)
July 7th 2017 - THE LOVE WITNESS(OS)
May 2nd 2017 - true love (ipkknd)
March 23rd 2017 - THE VILLAIN-8
January 23rd 2017 - The stories in my mind
December 28th 2016 - Her Rise and His Fall
October 23rd 2016 - The cup song girl
October 21st 2016 - The Princess In Veil (Promo)
September 22nd 2016 - TUJHSE HI ZINDAGI (EPI 3)
September 19th 2016 - THE VAMP DIARY (epi-12)
September 12th 2016 - The shining tears……
September 8th 2016 - THE CHOICE- CHAPTER 8
September 6th 2016 - THE CHOICE- CHAPTER 7
September 2nd 2016 - THE CHOICE- CHAPTER 6
August 30th 2016 - THE CHOICE- CHAPTER 5
August 26th 2016 - THE CHOICE- CHAPTER 4
August 23rd 2016 - THE CHOICE- CHAPTER 3
August 17th 2016 - THE CHOICE- CHAPTER 2
August 15th 2016 - I LOVE INDIA
August 13th 2016 - THE CHOICE – CHAPTER 1
August 11th 2016 - THE CHOICE (INTRO) – BY WS
July 13th 2016 - THE VAMP DIARY (epi-11)
July 11th 2016 - THE REVENGE… (intro)
June 28th 2016 - THE VAMP DIARY (epi-10)
June 26th 2016 -
June 11th 2016 - THE VAMP DIARY (epi-8)
June 3rd 2016 - THE VAMP DIARY (epi-5)
June 2nd 2016 - THE VAMP DIARY (epi-4)
June 1st 2016 - THE VAMP DIARY (epi-3)
April 10th 2016 - Tere Liye (intro)
April 3rd 2016 - u r the one (Episode 9)
March 26th 2016 - u r the one (Episode 8)
March 22nd 2016 - u r the one (Episode 5)
March 19th 2016 - u r the one (Episode 4)
March 17th 2016 - u r the one (Episode 3)
March 14th 2016 - u r the one (Episode 2)
March 13th 2016 - u r the one (Episode 1)
March 11th 2016 - She is the One (Intro)
February 1st 2016 - The Bond Of..? (Intro)
January 6th 2016 - Netflix launches in India
January 5th 2016 - The love triangle (intro)
November 20th 2015 - The Virgin Mother (Intro)

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