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Tedhi Baat SerialTedhi Baat Shekhar ke Saath is India’s first seriously funny talk show with high value entertainment where there is a host and several guests played by one person. The guests being interviewed are not just imaginary, but completely crazy too! This show draws our attention to things and issues which can be connected to our daily life and sometimes even influence or affect our very survival.

What’s most important is that there is just one person who plays the many avatars as a guest … the very talented Shekhar Suman. Shekhar dons many hats for this interview session giving it a very improved and impromptu comedy edge. And all this while he is being interviewed by the poker faced Gurpal Singh.

There’s loads of characters to catch up … a fashion designer from London, cab driver from Jalandhar, a popular cricketer, a regular mythology actor, an electrician, a man with no particular talent, a beggar, a corporate bigwig … just about anyone could be on the hot seat. Each episode is an interview in a question-answer format where the host almost never is able to extract the answers to his questions! The Guests almost always wager off from the question and starts narrating some incident or happening of his life or something totally different giving the viewers great moment of laughter and fun.

DateTypeTedhi Baat OnlineComments
October 1stEpisodeOctober 1st 2009 Episode
September 29thEpisodeSeptember 29th 2009 Episode
September 28thEpisodeSeptember 28th 2009 Episode
September 24thEpisodeSeptember 24th 2009 Episode
September 23rdEpisodeSeptember 23rd 2009 Episode
September 22ndEpisodeSeptember 22nd 2009 Episode
September 21stEpisodeSeptember 21st 2009 Episode
September 17thEpisodeSeptember 17th 2009 Episode
September 16thEpisodeSeptember 16th 2009 Episode
September 15thEpisodeSeptember 15th 2009 Episode
September 14thEpisodeSeptember 14th 2009 Episode
September 10thEpisodeSeptember 10th 2009 Episode
September 9thEpisodeSeptember 9th 2009 Episode
September 8thEpisodeSeptember 8th 2009 Episode
September 7thEpisodeSeptember 7th 2009 Episode
September 3rdEpisodeSeptember 3rd 2009 Episode
September 2ndEpisodeSeptember 2nd 2009 Episode
September 1stEpisodeSeptember 1st 2009 Episode
August 31stEpisodeAugust 31st 2009 Episode
August 26thEpisodeAugust 26th 2009 Episode
August 25thEpisodeAugust 25th 2009 Episode
August 24thEpisodeAugust 24th 2009 Episode
August 20thEpisodeAugust 20th 2009 Episode
August 19thEpisodeAugust 19th 2009 Episode
August 18thEpisodeAugust 18th 2009 Episode
August 17thEpisodeAugust 17th 2009 Episode
August 12thEpisodeAugust 12th 2009 Episode
August 11thEpisodeAugust 11th 2009 Episode
August 10thEpisodeAugust 10th 2009 Episode
August 6thEpisodeAugust 6th 2009 Episode

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May 28th 2015 Thursday11:30am
May 29th 2015 FridayOff-air
May 30th 2015 SaturdayOff-air
May 31st 2015 SundayOff-air
June 1st 2015 Monday11:30am
June 2nd 2015 Tuesday11:30am
June 3rd 2015 Wednesday11:30am

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