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Solhah Singaarr SerialShe is bubbly, she is charming, she is blunt and yet she is so adorable. She is happiness, she is loyalty, she is virtue and she is pride. She lives in her own world... a world which she thinks to be picture perfect a bed of roses.

Solhah Singaarr revolves around the wealthy and influential Bharadwaj family of Benares. It's the story of Meerra played by 'Akangsha Rawat' a carefree teenager who thinks the world to be picture perfect & rosy. The apple of everyone's eye in the Bharadwaj family her life revolves around playing with children in and around the bylanes of Benares and tasting the pickle made by the elders of the house. Lost in her own world, she is unaware of the underlying friction in her parents' marriage. She loves her family a lot although her mother Alaknanda, her grandmother Ammaji and her best friend Shlok are very special to her.

An unfortunate event in the family awakens Meerra from her near perfect world to face the harsh realities of life. It makes her realise the importance of Solhah Singaarr in a woman's life... the significance of what it means to be loved by your husband the meaning of why women apply sindoor, wear bangles, apply mehendi. The transformation begins from that of a carefree girl to one of a sensible woman. Being a woman of today, she fights for what is right for herself and her near and dear ones, especially for her mother who has suffered an ordeal... And she wins.

With honesty in her heart and love for her family in her mind, she plays the role of a perfect daughter. Gradually, her life takes different twists and turns. She expects answers to many questions. What is the underlying reality of being a woman, behind her existence and identity at every stage in life? What sacrifices she has to undergo being a woman? Why is the society so regressive on women in many ways?

Meerra fights back. She redefines the regressive norms laid over ages and eventually wins.

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