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Singhasan Battisi SerialCreative Eye Ltd creation Singhasan Battisi serial produced by Dheeraj Kumar and Zuby Kochhar, first of its kind mythological, historical and fantasy based show has attained the number one position on Sony PAL, the recently launched channel in its opening week. TAM data has given its analysis and declared it the number one show on Sony Pal.

Singhasan Battisi Updates

September 27th 2016 - SWASAN’S PARADISE
August 28th 2016 - SwaSan: Am I Yours (intro)
August 16th 2016 -
August 9th 2016 -
August 4th 2016 -
May 13th 2016 - SwaSan fanfic analysis
April 29th 2016 - Swasan fanfictions analysis
March 4th 2016 - Destiny (Swasan) -OS
February 29th 2016 - swasan the heart wins (epi-1)
February 14th 2016 - swasan valantine special
February 8th 2016 - Swasan…d best epi19
February 7th 2016 -
February 6th 2016 -
February 5th 2016 -
January 29th 2016 -
January 28th 2016 -
January 27th 2016 -
January 23rd 2016 -
January 22nd 2016 -
January 21st 2016 - Swasan…d best epi 6
January 20th 2016 -
January 19th 2016 -
January 18th 2016 -
June 12th 2015 - Mika Singh Gets Bail!

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Upcoming Next Week

This is what Singhasan Battisi's schedule looks like for the next 7 days.
March 18th 2018 SundayOff-air
March 19th 2018 Monday9:00am
March 20th 2018 Tuesday9:00am
March 21st 2018 Wednesday9:00am
March 22nd 2018 Thursday9:00am
March 23rd 2018 Friday9:00am
March 24th 2018 Saturday9:00am

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