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Zee TV serial Shobha Somnath Ki online. This currently Off-air drama is scheduled Sat - Sun at 07:00am. Watch hindi drama serial Shobha Somnath Ki online. Free episodes and updates of Shobha Somnath Ki available online. Download and watch Shobha Somnath Ki episodes.

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Watch Shobha Somnath Ki OnlineShobha Somnath Ki is historical drama by Zee Tv which is a story about a famous heroine Shobha from India. She was the leader of a large army despite being a child. Shobha is very strong and this story shows it. Through her journey she learns everything she needs to about love and comes closer to her relatives.

DateTypeShobha Somnath Ki OnlineComments
February 26thEpisodeFebruary 26th 2012 Episode
February 25thEpisodeFebruary 25th 2012 Episode
February 19thEpisodeFebruary 19th 2012 Episode
February 18thEpisodeFebruary 18th 2012 Episode
February 12thEpisodeFebruary 12th 2012 Episode
February 11thEpisodeFebruary 11th 2012 Episode
January 29thEpisodeJanuary 29th 2012 Episode
January 28thEpisodeJanuary 28th 2012 Episode
January 22ndEpisodeJanuary 22nd 2012 Episode
January 21stEpisodeJanuary 21st 2012 Episode
January 15thEpisodeJanuary 15th 2012 Episode
January 14thEpisodeJanuary 14th 2012 Episode
January 8thEpisodeJanuary 8th 2012 Episode
January 7thEpisodeJanuary 7th 2012 Episode
January 1stEpisodeJanuary 1st 2012 Episode
December 31stEpisodeDecember 31st 2011 Episode
December 25thEpisodeDecember 25th 2011 Episode
December 24thEpisodeDecember 24th 2011 Episode
December 17thEpisodeDecember 17th 2011 Episode
December 11thEpisodeDecember 11th 2011 Episode
December 10thEpisodeDecember 10th 2011 Episode
December 4thEpisodeDecember 4th 2011 Episode
December 3rdEpisodeDecember 3rd 2011 Episode
November 27thEpisodeNovember 27th 2011 Episode
November 26thEpisodeNovember 26th 2011 Episode
November 20thEpisodeNovember 20th 2011 Episode
November 19thEpisodeNovember 19th 2011 Episode
November 13thEpisodeNovember 13th 2011 Episode
November 7thEpisodeNovember 7th 2011 Episode
November 4thEpisodeNovember 4th 2011 Episode

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This is what Shobha Somnath Ki's schedule looks like for the next 7 days.
January 31st 2015 Saturday7:00am
February 1st 2015 Sunday7:00am
February 2nd 2015 MondayOff-air
February 3rd 2015 TuesdayOff-air
February 4th 2015 WednesdayOff-air
February 5th 2015 ThursdayOff-air
February 6th 2015 FridayOff-air

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