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Savdhan India SerialWhat do we get to see when we browse through newspapers and stay glued to news channels? Murder, fraud and forgery are happening everyday at every nook and corner of the world. Rape is more prevalent than society would like to accept. Irrespective of our take on sexual assault and domestic violence, can anyone reject or deny the existence of these heinous crimes?

The truth is that turning a blind eye is not the solution and despite living in ignorance, the entire society is plagued with crimes round the clock. While few stories surface and the larger populace come to know about them, there are hundreds and thousands of unfortunate incidents that change some lives forever.

Savdhan India is a take on real life crimes that occur every other day. The show would narrate a dramatized but not fictionalized account of what actually happens right at the scene. Savdhan India unravels stories that do not get a voice or the likely solution all the time.

The real world is what we see and perceive but reality is the truth beyond that. Savdhan India airs on Life Ok at 11 p.m. IST on and from 23rd April, 2012.

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September 6th 2015 - Official episode video not yet available...
August 30th 2015 - Official episode video not yet available...

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October 6th 2015 Tuesday10:30am
October 7th 2015 Wednesday10:30am
October 8th 2015 Thursday10:30am
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October 10th 2015 Saturday10:30am
October 11th 2015 Sunday10:30am
October 12th 2015 Monday10:30am

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