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Sarojini SerialThe world knows of the male-domination, chauvinist and patriarchal ways of the society that go about in India. Most household do not accept opening up their minds to the changes of this century and gender equality. Not a surprise. You can watch Sarojini on Zee TV, staring Shiny Doshi in the lead role. Sarojini is portrayed as not one to stand and play by the rules. Modern day girl and a college student in the capital city, Sarojini is not afraid to voice her mind. Getting married into a family where the primary duty of an ideal daughter-in-law is to bow her head and say yes, Sarojini has her mind set to challenge her father-in-law played by Pankah Tripathi and his close-to-dictatorship ways. As the daughter-in-law who wouldn’t cave, Sarojini wants female authority in the house. Sarojini, Ek Nayi Pehel highlights the story of every home and sheds light on the fairly well-known fact that is male-domination. This show is addressing the Indian women who accept it part of their fate and encouraging them to fight the evil practices against women that are a day-to-day event. The main focus of the show is to empower women all the while maintaining morality and ethics.

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February 23rd 2018 Friday6:00am
February 24th 2018 Saturday6:00am
February 25th 2018 SundayOff-air
February 26th 2018 Monday6:00am
February 27th 2018 Tuesday6:00am
February 28th 2018 Wednesday6:00am
March 1st 2018 Thursday6:00am

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