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Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo SerialSajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo is a situational comedy that arises from a small lie that the protagonist, Apoorva, had to tell his employer Dhirubhai Jhaveri to get a job. Dhirubhai is a very successful businessman who hates lies and liars, and believes in family bonding and values. His belief in these values at times cross levels of normalcy & are unbelievably rigid. Apoorva, an orphan was raised in an orphanage and to get the job in Dhirubhai’s company, lies that he as a full-fledged family back in India. Apoorva’s description of his imaginary family makes Dhirubhai fall in love with each and every member.
Dhirubhai has a niece Aarti, who is young, beautiful and believes in the same values as her uncle. They both trust Apoorva blindly, and Apoorva has earned this trust and respect on the basis of his hard work. Over time he has become the Man Friday for Dhirubhai as well as Aarti. Apoorva has also developed a liking for Aarti, but has refrained from expressing his feelings to her.
Dhirubhai fixes Aarti’s marriage but in a dramatic turn of events, the marriage is called off at the last moment and Dhirubhai decides to marry Aarti with Apoorva. He also announces that the marriage will take place in India, in the presence of Apoorva’s family. Apoorva tries to convey the truth to Aarti but realizes that it will break her heart. He asks his friend Rajesh (Raju) to set up his fake family in India before the marriage, which has to take place in a few days.
Rajesh does the needful and when Apoorva arrives in India alongwith Dhirubhai and Aarti, he also comes face to face with family for the first time. From here starts a non-stop comical journey in which the family members, who are from varied backgrounds, try to find their feet in their new characters and live up to Dhirubhai and Aarti’s expectations.

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