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Watch Saas Bina Sasural OnlineTaanya is a beautiful, intelligent and multi-faceted computer science student in Mumbai. As she is about to pass out of college, her parents begin to talk about her marriage. Thatís when she tells them that she likes a boy called Tej and wants to marry him.

Tej also loves her but is reluctant to accept the proposal because of a problem in his family. While he does not want to cheat her by keeping the truth from her, he is scared of losing her if he tells her about his familyís problem. His friends try to convince him that every family has some problem so he need not even mention it to Taanya.

DateTypeSaas Bina Sasural OnlineComments
September 6thEpisodeSeptember 6th 2012 Episode
September 5thEpisodeSeptember 5th 2012 Episode
September 4thEpisodeSeptember 4th 2012 Episode
September 3rdEpisodeSeptember 3rd 2012 Episode
August 30thEpisodeAugust 30th 2012 Episode
August 29thEpisodeAugust 29th 2012 Episode
August 28thEpisodeAugust 28th 2012 Episode
August 27thEpisodeAugust 27th 2012 Episode
August 23rdEpisodeAugust 23rd 2012 Episode
August 22ndEpisodeAugust 22nd 2012 Episode
August 21stEpisodeAugust 21st 2012 Episode
August 20thEpisodeAugust 20th 2012 Episode
August 16thEpisodeAugust 16th 2012 Episode
August 15thEpisodeAugust 15th 2012 Episode
August 14thEpisodeAugust 14th 2012 Episode
August 13thEpisodeAugust 13th 2012 Episode
August 9thEpisodeAugust 9th 2012 Episode
August 8thEpisodeAugust 8th 2012 Episode
August 7thEpisodeAugust 7th 2012 Episode
August 6thEpisodeAugust 6th 2012 Episode
August 2ndEpisodeAugust 2nd 2012 Episode
August 1stEpisodeAugust 1st 2012 Episode
July 31stEpisodeJuly 31st 2012 Episode
July 30thEpisodeJuly 30th 2012 Episode
July 26thEpisodeJuly 26th 2012 Episode
July 25thEpisodeJuly 25th 2012 Episode
July 24thEpisodeJuly 24th 2012 Episode
July 23rdEpisodeJuly 23rd 2012 Episode
July 19thEpisodeJuly 19th 2012 Episode
July 18thEpisodeJuly 18th 2012 Episode
July 27thNewsSaas Bina Sasural going off air
July 9thNewsRubina Dilaik may come back to Saas Bina Sasural
May 30thVideoPashu Bhaiya and Malti Bhabi quarrel
May 23rdVideoLatest twist involving the family
December 30thVideoRucha Gujarati to do a cameo
December 5thVideoDecember 5th Preview

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April 25th 2015 SaturdayOff-air
April 26th 2015 SundayOff-air
April 27th 2015 Monday8:30am
April 28th 2015 Tuesday8:30am
April 29th 2015 Wednesday8:30am
April 30th 2015 Thursday8:30am
May 1st 2015 FridayOff-air

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