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Rang Badalti Odhani SerialSet in the village of Dhulwadi in Bhuj, Gujarat, the story unwinds with the marriage plans of the bubbly Khanak with her childhood lover Suraj, who works in the new factory that is to come up in the village.

Shantanu, son of the factory owner Mr Khandelwal, an urban bred, spoilt brat is sent to Dhulwadi for the factory’s inauguration against his wishes, amidst his own preparations for his marriage to girl friend Natasha. And this rolls off a series on incidents that change the lives of Khanak, Suraj, Shantanu and Natasha.

DateTypeRang Badalti Odhani OnlineComments
July 22ndEpisodeJuly 22nd 2011 Episode
July 21stEpisodeJuly 21st 2011 Episode
July 20thEpisodeJuly 20th 2011 Episode
July 19thEpisodeJuly 19th 2011 Episode
July 18thEpisodeJuly 18th 2011 Episode
July 15thEpisodeJuly 15th 2011 Episode
July 14thEpisodeJuly 14th 2011 Episode
July 13thEpisodeJuly 13th 2011 Episode
July 12thEpisodeJuly 12th 2011 Episode
July 11thEpisodeJuly 11th 2011 Episode
July 9thEpisodeJuly 9th 2011 Episode
July 8thEpisodeJuly 8th 2011 Episode
July 7thEpisodeJuly 7th 2011 Episode
July 6thEpisodeJuly 6th 2011 Episode
July 5thEpisodeJuly 5th 2011 Episode
July 4thEpisodeJuly 4th 2011 Episode
July 1stEpisodeJuly 1st 2011 Episode
June 30thEpisodeJune 30th 2011 Episode
June 29thEpisodeJune 29th 2011 Episode
June 28thEpisodeJune 28th 2011 Episode
June 27thEpisodeJune 27th 2011 Episode
June 24thEpisodeJune 24th 2011 Episode
June 23rdEpisodeJune 23rd 2011 Episode
June 22ndEpisodeJune 22nd 2011 Episode
June 21stEpisodeJune 21st 2011 Episode
June 20thEpisodeJune 20th 2011 Episode
June 17thEpisodeJune 17th 2011 Episode
June 16thEpisodeJune 16th 2011 Episode
June 15thEpisodeJune 15th 2011 Episode
June 14thEpisodeJune 14th 2011 Episode

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