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Ranbir Rano SerialThe story hails from Punjab's small town 'Dera-Bassi'. Both of the characters' Ranbir and Rano belong to this same small town, but Rano is from a conservative Punjabi family and hence has limited exposure with the outside world. Her father is the station master of Dera-bassi and it is one day, on her way to 'Dharamsala' that she meets the man who is to become a part of her life – Ranbir. What transpires after is what dreams are made of – sweet moments between the couple, feuding households, and love that outshines the toughest of all obstacles. The questions remain that:::Will this story have a happy ending or will the land live up to its history of combining love and tragedy together?

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May 1st 2016 SundayOff-air
May 2nd 2016 Monday11:30am
May 3rd 2016 Tuesday11:30am
May 4th 2016 Wednesday11:30am
May 5th 2016 Thursday11:30am
May 6th 2016 FridayOff-air
May 7th 2016 SaturdayOff-air

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