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Ram Milaayi Jodi SerialIt is an interesting bittersweet tale of coming together of two culturally divergent families - both fiercely protective and assertive about their cultural identities. On a larger canvas, the story represents the dire need for tolerance and co-existence in our society as well.

Despite its socioeconomic, cultural and linguistic divides, India continues to be one land and one heartÂ… a heart that nestles tolerance and acceptance, and that is the essence of the show.

Zee TV serial Preet Se Bandhi Yeh Dori...Ram Milaayi Jodi is the tale of Mona and Anukalp. Mona is Sikh while Anukalp is Gujarati. As fate would have it, Anukalp and Mona get married. However, the marriage has chances of succeeding only if the families bury their hatchet.

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May 5th 2016 Thursday9:00am
May 6th 2016 Friday9:00am
May 7th 2016 SaturdayOff-air
May 8th 2016 SundayOff-air
May 9th 2016 Monday9:00am
May 10th 2016 Tuesday9:00am
May 11th 2016 Wednesday9:00am

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