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Rakhi Ka Insaaf SerialRakhi Ka Insaaf provides you with a platform, an opportunity for a face-off, a confrontation, for justice. It helps resolve issues that people face in their lives- the fights, the acrimony, the problems between spouses, sisters, parents, siblings, friends, neighbors, colleagues.. Conducted by Rakhi who will hear a person’s grievance, meet the accused and other related people and give a fair, honest and a humane judgment straight from the heart, the show will be complete with public confrontations, dramatic revelations, open accusations, heated discussions, and taboo topics.

In a perfect world, everyone lives happily ever after. There are no issues, no problems, no fights, no acrimony between spouses, sisters, parents, siblings, friends, neighbors, colleagues.. But in a REAL world things are a lot different! And WE live in a real world.

In the real world, emotions, conflicts and bitterness take over almost immediately in relationships. There are times when one lashes out but then there are sometimes when we keep things within us and wait for an opportunity to let it out.

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February 21st 2018 WednesdayOff-air
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February 23rd 2018 FridayOff-air
February 24th 2018 Saturday8:30am
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February 26th 2018 MondayOff-air
February 27th 2018 TuesdayOff-air

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