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Rakhi Ek Atoot Rishte Ki Dor SerialRakhi is a story that looks at the complex cenario ithin which a brother sister relationship goes through. Rajnandani who is lovingly called "Nandini", is the beloved sister of Balraj-who is called "Bhairaja". Bhairaja heaps affection on his younger sister Nandini. Their mother dies very early and the father deserts the siblings. Bhairaja has raised Nandini and Amber since childhood. Amber, the middle brother suffers from Middle Sibling syndrome. Nandini tries her level best to win the heart of her brother Amber, but somehow the result is always inverse.

Nandini takes care of the house while Bhairaja owns mills and factories all under the name RajnandaniToys, Rajnandani Exports, etc. Bhairaja has made a promise to himself - Until Nandini is not settled Bhairaja will neither get married nor think about his personal needs. Only after Nandini has acquired all the happiness in the world will he think of himself.

Once Nandini is married, will everything remain the same...? Will Rajnandini be finally stuck between her loyalties towards her husband and his family and her implicit unconditional love towards Bhairaja. Will the evil forces be able to broaden the rift?

When a women is torn between love and duty toward's her brother and the love for her husband, whom does she abandon? What happens to the man who sacrifices his own life to look after his sister's living...?

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