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Radhaa Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi SerialImagine a mother and her three young daughters who migrate to Mumbai from Meerut with nothing but their hopes and the strength of their togetherness. 'Radhaa Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi' is a story of a proud mother who instills the right values in her daughters and believes in their potential for excellence in whatever they choose to do! The show highlights the beautiful bond that the three daughters share with each other and their mother.

Radhaa and her daughters are forced to leave the security and comfort of their hometown, Meerut and start life afresh in Mumbai. After moving, they realize that life is not as easy as it seems in this fast paced city. But, instead of getting disheartened, they face their day to day problems with a positive attitude and take on their new life as a challenge, fighting against all odds to fulfill their dreams!

'Radhaa Ki Betiyan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi' has a fresh take on women and their dreams. The journeys of the characters are refreshingly different as they all believe that they will have a better tomorrow if they make things happen today.

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DateTypeRadhaa Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi OnlineComments
February 12thEpisodeFebruary 12th 2009 Episode
February 11thEpisodeFebruary 11th 2009 Episode
February 10thEpisodeFebruary 10th 2009 Episode
February 9thEpisodeFebruary 9th 2009 Episode
February 5thEpisodeFebruary 5th 2009 Episode
February 4thEpisodeFebruary 4th 2009 Episode
February 3rdEpisodeFebruary 3rd 2009 Episode
February 2ndEpisodeFebruary 2nd 2009 Episode
January 29thEpisodeJanuary 29th 2009 Episode
January 28thEpisodeJanuary 28th 2009 Episode
January 27thEpisodeJanuary 27th 2009 Episode
January 26thEpisodeJanuary 26th 2009 Episode
January 22ndEpisodeJanuary 22nd 2009 Episode
January 21stEpisodeJanuary 21st 2009 Episode
January 20thEpisodeJanuary 20th 2009 Episode
January 19thEpisodeJanuary 19th 2009 Episode
January 15thEpisodeJanuary 15th 2009 Episode
January 14thEpisodeJanuary 14th 2009 Episode
January 13thEpisodeJanuary 13th 2009 Episode
January 12thEpisodeJanuary 12th 2009 Episode
January 8thEpisodeJanuary 8th 2009 Episode
January 7thEpisodeJanuary 7th 2009 Episode
January 6thEpisodeJanuary 6th 2009 Episode
January 5thEpisodeJanuary 5th 2009 Episode
January 1stEpisodeJanuary 1st 2009 Episode
December 31stEpisodeDecember 31st 2008 Episode
December 30thEpisodeDecember 30th 2008 Episode
December 29thEpisodeDecember 29th 2008 Episode
December 25thEpisodeDecember 25th 2008 Episode
December 24thEpisodeDecember 24th 2008 Episode

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May 31st 2015 SundayOff-air
June 1st 2015 Monday11:30am
June 2nd 2015 Tuesday11:30am
June 3rd 2015 Wednesday11:30am

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