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Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka SerialDo you have a fear of heights? Have you ever visited a place and felt that you've been there before? Do you have a recurring dream that haunts you?

Many things in our lives remain unexplained. We don’t know why we react in a certain way to certain situations or people or why we end up doing things which sometimes have no reason at all.

Many of our deep rooted fears or apprehensions have no basis in reality…Or so we think….They just exist, since the day we were born. But the answers lie deeper than we think many times they are found in our past. A first of its kind show on Indian television, Raaz – Pichhle Janam Ka will help us find answers to a lot of questions that we think affect our present day being.

The show will be a unique journey with a mix of well known Film & TV celebrities, sports stars, politicians, who will discover the truth of their past lives and address their present day apprehensions, fears and anxieties. Hosted by the enigmatic Ravi Kissan, Raaz – Pichhle Janam Ka is a blend of Reality (therapy sessions with a renowned therapist) and dramatic recreations of the images that flash in the minds of the celebrity.

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April 1st 2017 Saturday8:30am
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