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Pyar Ka Bandhan SerialFour siblings… four different destinies… separated by fate but bound by blood… will the calling of blood bring them back together? Pyaar Ka Bandhan is an emotional story of four siblings, given away by their sick mother to an orphanage for adoption, with a hope of giving them a good future and a promise to reunite after 15 years!

Pyaar Ka Bandhan captures the turmoil of a terminally ill mother and her four kids. Fifteen years later the story begins with the journey of the four siblings Prateeksha, Chotu (Aziz), Milind and Aaraina whose lives take diverse turn as they are adopted by different families and are separated from each other. Their lives cross each other’s, oblivious to their biological bonding.

With no similarities in any of their lives, upbringing or cultures… will these siblings, separated by fate find their real identities? Will they keep up to their mother’s promise and reunite?

DateTypePyar Ka Bandhan OnlineComments
April 28thEpisodeApril 28th 2010 Episode
April 27thEpisodeApril 27th 2010 Episode
April 22ndEpisodeApril 22nd 2010 Episode
April 21stEpisodeApril 21st 2010 Episode
April 20thEpisodeApril 20th 2010 Episode
April 19thEpisodeApril 19th 2010 Episode
April 15thEpisodeApril 15th 2010 Episode
April 14thEpisodeApril 14th 2010 Episode
April 13thEpisodeApril 13th 2010 Episode
April 12thEpisodeApril 12th 2010 Episode
April 8thEpisodeApril 8th 2010 Episode
April 7thEpisodeApril 7th 2010 Episode
April 6thEpisodeApril 6th 2010 Episode
April 5thEpisodeApril 5th 2010 Episode
April 1stEpisodeApril 1st 2010 Episode
March 31stEpisodeMarch 31st 2010 Episode
March 30thEpisodeMarch 30th 2010 Episode
March 29thEpisodeMarch 29th 2010 Episode
March 25thEpisodeMarch 25th 2010 Episode
March 24thEpisodeMarch 24th 2010 Episode
March 23rdEpisodeMarch 23rd 2010 Episode
March 22ndEpisodeMarch 22nd 2010 Episode
March 18thEpisodeMarch 18th 2010 Episode
March 17thEpisodeMarch 17th 2010 Episode
March 16thEpisodeMarch 16th 2010 Episode
March 15thEpisodeMarch 15th 2010 Episode
March 11thEpisodeMarch 11th 2010 Episode
March 10thEpisodeMarch 10th 2010 Episode
March 9thEpisodeMarch 9th 2010 Episode
March 8thEpisodeMarch 8th 2010 Episode

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May 26th 2015 Tuesday7:30am
May 27th 2015 Wednesday7:30am
May 28th 2015 Thursday7:30am
May 29th 2015 FridayOff-air
May 30th 2015 SaturdayOff-air
May 31st 2015 SundayOff-air
June 1st 2015 Monday7:30am

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