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Phir Subah Hogi SerialWhat does a woman do when she is destined for something that is neither her wish nor her desire? What can a woman do when her profession and hence life is decided upon by tradition and not her will? While a majority of India is basking in the glory of development and the luxuries of 21st century, there is a tribe that is being and has been exploited for hundreds of years.

Phir Subah Hogi is the story of Sugni, a coming of age woman who has had the ill fate of being born to a Bedni mother. It is her destiny to become a ‘Bedni’ and perform ‘Rai’ dance and also cater to the physical needs of men. It has been the tradition of the ‘Bedia’ tribe for several generations now.

Sugni does not envision a life of a ‘Rai’ dancer who would quench the desires of several men in her life and not have a family of her own or a dignified living. Her education and the knowledge of the outside world where women lead a respectable life, where women have jobs, fall in love, get married, have children and raise families, has enabled her to dream the unthinkable. Bednis do not have the luxury to choose their course of life and without their consent, the males of the family and the men of the society even go on to an extent of determining and setting up of ‘Sardhakai’ which is the ritual that marks the beginning of a Bedni’s life into prostitution.

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