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Parivaar Kartavya Ki Pariksha SerialIn a small town Pune, in Maharashtra, in one among many mohallas, in a house bequeathed from ancestors, lives Radha... with her family. For Radha the family is everything. Radha is the dutiful daughter, the indulging sister, and the diligent nurse. Radha has all the qualities that a man would look for in a woman. But strangely, Radha is single and at an age where all her friends and colleagues are happily married. But Radha spends no time in regrets. She works hand so that her mother doesnt have to fend for herself. She provides so that her younger brother, Avinash who is incidentally married can live in his own world of fantasy. She earns so that her young siblings, Ankita and Yash, are kept away from the harsh realities of life.

Yet, sadly, for the family, Radha is little more than a pay packet. She is someone who satisfies all their demands, all their needs. In return all that Radha wants and which she never gets is - love and affection.

Even in her workplace (she is a nurse in a hospital), Radha has her share of adversaries as much as friends, Lecherous moneylenders, and spiteful secretaries. Inspite of them all, Radha remains the woman that she is, simple, loving and trusting. And it is these qualities that endear her to the men in her life. Like Mohit... her childhood mate who cherishes a deep desire to marry her. And it is also a perfect match; she had found a loving mother-in-law in Mohit's mother, Uma who adores her. The question arises that if Radha gets married then who will take on the responsibilities of the family?

Is after all, Radha destined to be a loner? Is the family that she holds close to herself not her family, at all? For Radha, life is something she has no control over, as it leads her through its various twists and turns, the men destiny brings to her life and takes them away too. Destiny has much in store for her, not just her family or her hospital or the sleepy town. Is it so difficult for this girl to achieve her simple dream to get married? Will Radha ever achieve that dream of hers despite the fact that age is catching up with her?

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