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Naagin SerialLove triangle, curses and revenge- all will put a charm on you stronger than a snake charmer charms his snakes. See what I did there?
The show revolves around two women, Shivanya and Sesha who can also turn into snakes and back. They are vengeful and will not rest till they kill their parent’s killers. Shivanya comes to her parents’ killers’ (Ankush) home as a maid. Ankush has a son named Ritik who is engaged to Tanvi. Ritik is not in love with Tanvi and neither does he want to marry her. On the other hand, Tanvi has loved him forever, or so she poses and will have him at any cost because he is heir to his father’s wealth. Ritik and Shivanya fall for each other but Ritik’s mom will have him married no matter what happens. Ritik is cursed to be bit by a snake if he does not marry before he turns 25. If you want to know what happens do not miss Naagin only on Colors TV.

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