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Watch Mitwa OnlineAs the saying goes, it’s amidst the nastiest muck that lotuses bloom, Mitwaa Phool Kamal Ka is an innocent love story amidst the menacing traditions and caste issues where people are ready to pull swords to protect their pretentious honor.

This take is set in rural UP… against the ultra-traditional backdrop of an upper caste Hindu family, led by Maamchand Choudhry, so hideously conservative that pregnant mothers are made to undergo illegal sonographies to figure out if the child is a boy or a girl and girls are dropped…

It is such a world where caste and creed decides not only everyone’s fate but their life as well. The traditions are so rigid that any deviations from the set caste rules end up in honor killing. Maamchand Choudhry and his sons are the ones who set such rules.

It’s in this family that a newly-wed bride, Sargam finds herself…

It’s here that she sees her elder jethani is forced to quietly undergo an abortion of her girl child…

It’s here that, when Sargam discovers through a sonography that her child is a girl, she decides to lie and say it’s a boy and still give birth to it

It’s here that Sargam furiously & meticulously tries to hide the child’s identity even as her husband, Raghav while the entire family is preparing for the celebrations for the birth of a boy…

But, for how long can she pull on this dangerous charade?

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DateTypeMitwa OnlineComments
January 22ndEpisodeJanuary 22nd 2010 Episode
January 21stEpisodeJanuary 21st 2010 Episode
January 18thEpisodeJanuary 18th 2010 Episode
January 15thEpisodeJanuary 15th 2010 Episode
January 14thEpisodeJanuary 14th 2010 Episode
January 13thEpisodeJanuary 13th 2010 Episode
January 12thEpisodeJanuary 12th 2010 Episode
January 11thEpisodeJanuary 11th 2010 Episode
January 8thEpisodeJanuary 8th 2010 Episode
January 7thEpisodeJanuary 7th 2010 Episode
January 6thEpisodeJanuary 6th 2010 Episode
January 5thEpisodeJanuary 5th 2010 Episode
January 4thEpisodeJanuary 4th 2010 Episode
January 1stEpisodeJanuary 1st 2010 Episode
December 31stEpisodeDecember 31st 2009 Episode
December 30thEpisodeDecember 30th 2009 Episode
December 29thEpisodeDecember 29th 2009 Episode
December 28thEpisodeDecember 28th 2009 Episode
December 25thEpisodeDecember 25th 2009 Episode
December 24thEpisodeDecember 24th 2009 Episode
December 23rdEpisodeDecember 23rd 2009 Episode
December 22ndEpisodeDecember 22nd 2009 Episode
December 21stEpisodeDecember 21st 2009 Episode
December 18thEpisodeDecember 18th 2009 Episode
December 17thEpisodeDecember 17th 2009 Episode
December 16thEpisodeDecember 16th 2009 Episode
December 15thEpisodeDecember 15th 2009 Episode
December 14thEpisodeDecember 14th 2009 Episode
December 11thEpisodeDecember 11th 2009 Episode
December 10thEpisodeDecember 10th 2009 Episode

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