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Meri Sasu Maa SerialMother-in-laws are very special. So special they have their own phobia that describes the fear of them. Nonetheless, Pari is determined to find a mother-in-law and get this, on her own free will! Not only does she want to find one, she wants what every girl dreams of. A perfect mother-daughter relationship. Zee TV brings you a brand new show, Meri Sasu Maa under Swastika Productions and Mumtaz Saba Productions. The lead of this show, Pari Sinha, will be played by Hiba Nawab and opposite to her will be Pearl V Puri as Satyendra Sharma. Satyendras mother is one of those hard-hearted mother-in-laws who has a defined relationship and set of rules for her daughter-in-laws but when Pari comes in her house, all that is about to change. The show was launched on the 26th Of January 2016 and will air Monday to Saturday at 7:30 pm only on Zee TV.

Meri Sasu Maa Updates

November 21st 2017 - Mera Pagal (OS)
November 2nd 2017 - MERI BHABI 5
October 25th 2017 - I Miss You Dear.
October 23rd 2017 - MERI BHABI 4
October 11th 2017 - MERI BHABI 3
September 30th 2017 - Tom Alter passes away!
September 23rd 2017 - MERI BHABI 2
September 16th 2017 - MERI BHABI 1
July 25th 2017 - Mr. & Mrs.Sarna #Os
April 10th 2017 - Mehrya- Kiss.. SS #4
March 27th 2017 - Mehrya- Kiss.. SS #3
January 14th 2017 - Meri Durga | Makar Sankranti
October 6th 2016 - Mani slaps Alia
July 16th 2016 - mehendi (swasan os)
July 3rd 2016 - Meri ishq-os
May 8th 2016 - MOTHERS DAY

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