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Mera Sasural SerialIt is said that the parental home is a girl’s first home, the place where she’s born and brought – up with utmost care, love and affection. Once married, her second home is her ‘Sasural’ because it arises from the word saas-sasur. The irony of life is such that for any girl, who enters her sasural after marriage, expects the same love and affection she got till now in her parents house. But it’s only her good luck to experience two lives in a single lifetime…full of love. In her maayka, the girl does not have to forge any new relationships, she is born with them. She is given the teachings of ‘dharma’ by her parents as she is sent off to her sasural. Once in her sasural, everything is new to her, from creating new bonds, building new relationships and trying to live up to each and every one of them. This is the place where new relations once forged, they last for a lifetime.

Mera Sasural is a story of two sasurals based in Jammu. It revolves around a Punjabi family comprising of two real brothers Yashpal Khajuria and Bhushan Khajuria residing in the same house. The Khajuria family is headed by the elder brother Yashpal Khajuria, a Jagrata singer who runs a shop outside the temple of ‘Bave Wali Mata’, in Jammu. Yashpal feels that he has always remembered mata and so in return, mata has always blessed him with everything. His wife Babbu is a woman of commendable substance. Yashpal and Babbu are still very much in love. They are blessed with three children. Their elder son Shravan who is married to Indu, the other son Omi is an army officer and an eligible bachelor while daughter Goldie who loves sports and more of a tomboy in nature.

Yashpal’s younger brother Bhushan and his wife Sushma live in the same house. Sushma dislikes the Khajuria family from the bottom of her heart. She has a step-brother Loveleen, a very simple man who works as an insurance agent.

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