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Main Aisi Kyun Hoon SerialWhat does our heart desire? Can a man-woman ever have a pure platonic relationship? How strong is our faith in the institution of marriage? Is dating and one-night stands justified? Why is society still so regressive when it comes to women? How does today's generation balance traditional values and modern thinking?

Amidst fixation on all these questions comes the 26 year Sanjana Pushpa Patil, the lead protagonist of Sahara One television's new show Main Aisi Kyun Hoon. Sanjana is born with an extremely hyper imaginative mind and has a witty sense of humor. Despite her upbringing in a traditional middle class Maharashtrian joint family, Sanjana is a strong headed girl with modern outlook towards life. She is nearing her 30's and thus her family is pressurizing her to get married.

Sanjana works for a publication house as a coloumnist and writes a popular column called "Pyar, Mohabbat and All That". She has been in love with her childhood sweetheart Siddharth who is in the US, pursuing his further studies and is waiting to get married to him. Her life comes to a standstill and she is completely shattered when she finds Siddharth married to her boss Anuradha. Unable to face the reality, she has several unanswered questions in her mind. Why did Siddharth break his promise and marry someone else? How will she face the man who she is in love with, now married to someone else? She desperately needs answers for them. Caught between traditional values and her own modern sensibilities, Sanjana the eternal romantic at heart still chooses to live in her past and refuses to move on in life.

Will Sanjana ever forgive and forget Siddharth? Since she doesn't have age on her side, and she belongs to a conservative middle class upbringing will she be able to live life on her own terms?

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