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Mahrakshak Devi SerialMahrakshak Devi is a story about a young girl with super powers but she is yet to realize what she is capable of. After being away from human civilization for the first 17 years of her life, Devi comes in contact with the race to help it from harm. She is fighting against the Asuras to save humanity from their harmful actions. Devi is played by Umang Jain and Devis mothers role is portrayed by Rohit Bakshi. Catch Mahrakshak Devi on Zee Tv.

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February 28th 2016 - All About Shani Dev!
February 26th 2016 - Mahadev Too Feared Shani Dev!
September 21st 2015 - Maane Shhora De De
August 5th 2015 - Mahira Khan Biography

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February 24th 2018 Saturday6:30am
February 25th 2018 Sunday6:30am
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March 1st 2018 ThursdayOff-air

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