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Mahavir Hanuman SerialIn this time of Kalyug, Hanuman is a deity to invoke. Hanuman is an eternal Chiranjeev by the blessings of Prabhu Ram. From Treta to Dwapar, Hanuman is still amongst us in this age of Kalyug.

Mahavir Hanuman gives you a glimpse into the life of the Monkey God of Hindu mythology. Hanuman worship is not a new concept, the deity, who represents physical strength, devotion and is known as Sankat Mochan. He has never had a dearth of followers from social classes and age groups. He is a God who is popular amongst every age group and every social class.

Most people don’t know the story of Hanuman; the story of his father, the story of Hanuman’s birth, Anjana sending Hanuman to serve Ram, or even the first time Hanuman meets Ram. Mahavir Hanuman will give you a full narration of the life and times of Hanuman.

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