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Maan Rahe Tera Pitaah SerialBased in the coal mines of Brahmapur (Chattisgarh), Maan Rahe Tera … Pitaah is the story of Anmol’s fight to protect her father – Durgaprasad and up-hold his respect .

Durgaprasad’s only mission in life is to shut the operations of the coal-mines and save Brahmapur from total destruction.
Having lost her mother at a tender age in a coal mine accident, Anmol has been struggling to protect her father from the people living in the town . People in Brahmapur think Durgaprasad is a mad-man and don’t have any patience left to tolerate or listen to his warnings.

The other important person in Anmol’s life is her uncle, Kaliprasad – the MLA of the district: an extremely popular & powerful man, who treats her like his own daughter.

She is treated by all the family members and the world with disdain except her uncle – Kaliprasad.

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