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Love School SerialSometimes we want to cuddle the life out of our partner out of love or strangle the life out of them. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. But there is a world of difference and this is the sole relationship where you can love and hate a person over and over again for a lifetime. But if I were to give marriage advice then here is it: DON’T DO IT!
Just kidding. This is why I am not the judge of the brand new show that will hit the screen soon. Karishma Tanna and Upen Patel, the dream couple, are going to be judges on the show which will focus of real-life couples. Also they might have a trick or two to make it more pleasant (or bearable). So yank out those notebooks lovers, you have notes to take! The show will be broadcasted soon only on MTV India.

Love School Updates

September 10th 2016 - Love (Episode 2)
September 9th 2016 - Love (Intro)
September 8th 2016 - Love is Everywhere….. PROMO
August 30th 2016 - Dark love story (intro)
August 20th 2016 - MY LOVE.. SINGLE SHOT
August 9th 2016 - LOVE REBORN Prologue
July 23rd 2016 - my love is only mine
July 13th 2016 - my love story (OS)
July 2nd 2016 - Love of Goddess
June 22nd 2016 - LovEgo (intro)
June 18th 2016 - OS Love and Seduction
June 13th 2016 - A LOVE STORY (ONE SHOT)
June 1st 2016 - Love Me Thoda -PROMO
May 28th 2016 - Love Stories OS 3
May 27th 2016 - Love Stories
May 25th 2016 - love stories OS
May 22nd 2016 - Love Stories
May 18th 2016 - What Is Love (One Shot)
May 14th 2016 - Love Me Thoda (Intro)
May 2nd 2016 - arshu’s love story
April 24th 2016 - Love is a JOKE!!!!
April 17th 2016 - true love os
April 15th 2016 - LOVE (os)
April 14th 2016 - First Love in School part 3
April 9th 2016 - raglak one shot…
April 8th 2016 - Pure Love (one shot)
March 26th 2016 - my love for u (OS)
March 25th 2016 - Love or…? (One Shot)
March 24th 2016 - One Shot- Holi Treat
March 5th 2016 - One shot
February 19th 2016 - Dhaani loves spicy food
January 24th 2016 - LOVE YOU (Prologue)
January 14th 2016 - swasan LOVE (spoiler)
January 5th 2016 -
December 29th 2015 -
December 28th 2015 -
December 24th 2015 -
December 15th 2015 - ~~My Love Story~~

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