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Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage SerialIndian society has always been engrossed in a perennial debate of love marriage or arranged marriage. While a huge section of the populace would agree to Mansi who believes that arranged marriage is ideal since in India, marriage is just not about a relationship between two people but coming together of two families, their relatives and lives of everyone involved. However, there are a growing number of people in contemporary India who are like Shivani. She believes that love is absolutely essential to get married.

Mansi and Shivani are the best of friends. Despite their differences in upbringing, societal status, outlook towards life and also in their attitudes and ambitions, they have always remained the closes buddies for a long time. Mansi hails from a prosperous family and she is an epitome of Indian feminineness. She intends to get married as per the choice of her parents and family while Shivani who is a fierce independent girl in charge of her humble family intends to get married to a man and not to his entire family. Mansi’s docile nature and conservation perceptions are in sharp contrast with Shivani who is battling it out in the real world with her shop ‘Shagun Shaadi Ka’ that sells everything that is essential in a marriage, from a horse to a band.

While the two young, educated and modern ladies fight it out among themselves, albeit sweetly, Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage narrates the story of these two lives and how they meet the love of their lives. At times, one needs to find love in everything and at times everything finds its inclusion in love.
Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage, an impartial take on familial values and perceptions about marriage is will be aired on Sony Television. (Source: YouTube)

DateTypeLove Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage OnlineComments
January 10thEpisodeJanuary 10th 2013 Episode
January 9thEpisodeJanuary 9th 2013 Episode
January 8thEpisodeJanuary 8th 2013 Episode
January 7thEpisodeJanuary 7th 2013 Episode
January 3rdEpisodeJanuary 3rd 2013 Episode
January 2ndEpisodeJanuary 2nd 2013 Episode
January 1stEpisodeJanuary 1st 2013 Episode
December 31stEpisodeDecember 31st 2012 Episode
December 27thEpisodeDecember 27th 2012 Episode
December 26thEpisodeDecember 26th 2012 Episode
December 25thEpisodeDecember 25th 2012 Episode
December 24thEpisodeDecember 24th 2012 Episode
December 20thEpisodeDecember 20th 2012 Episode
December 19thEpisodeDecember 19th 2012 Episode
December 18thEpisodeDecember 18th 2012 Episode
December 17thEpisodeDecember 17th 2012 Episode
December 13thEpisodeDecember 13th 2012 Episode
December 12thEpisodeDecember 12th 2012 Episode
December 11thEpisodeDecember 11th 2012 Episode
December 10thEpisodeDecember 10th 2012 Episode
December 6thEpisodeDecember 6th 2012 Episode
December 5thEpisodeDecember 5th 2012 Episode
December 4thEpisodeDecember 4th 2012 Episode
December 3rdEpisodeDecember 3rd 2012 Episode
November 29thEpisodeNovember 29th 2012 Episode
November 28thEpisodeNovember 28th 2012 Episode
November 27thEpisodeNovember 27th 2012 Episode
November 26thEpisodeNovember 26th 2012 Episode
November 22ndEpisodeNovember 22nd 2012 Episode
November 21stEpisodeNovember 21st 2012 Episode
August 24thNewsTwist in tale

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