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Laagi Tujhse Lagan SerialA new girl have been finalised for the lead role of Nakusha,”In the promos we have not shown the face of any girl properly ,it is for generating curiosity, actually we have not started shooting for the show as of now. The casting for the show is still on. So far we have finalised this girl called Shweta, she has not done any work on television. It is her first show and we have selected her via auditions, she hails from Jabalpur.There were 3-4 girls, who we short listed, but Shweta fitted the bill.”

DateTypeLaagi Tujhse Lagan OnlineComments
January 6thEpisodeJanuary 6th 2012 Episode
January 5thEpisodeJanuary 5th 2012 Episode
January 4thEpisodeJanuary 4th 2012 Episode
January 3rdEpisodeJanuary 3rd 2012 Episode
January 2ndEpisodeJanuary 2nd 2012 Episode
December 30thEpisodeDecember 30th 2011 Episode
December 29thEpisodeDecember 29th 2011 Episode
December 28thEpisodeDecember 28th 2011 Episode
December 27thEpisodeDecember 27th 2011 Episode
December 26thEpisodeDecember 26th 2011 Episode
December 23rdEpisodeDecember 23rd 2011 Episode
December 22ndEpisodeDecember 22nd 2011 Episode
December 21stEpisodeDecember 21st 2011 Episode
December 20thEpisodeDecember 20th 2011 Episode
December 19thEpisodeDecember 19th 2011 Episode
December 16thEpisodeDecember 16th 2011 Episode
December 15thEpisodeDecember 15th 2011 Episode
December 14thEpisodeDecember 14th 2011 Episode
December 13thEpisodeDecember 13th 2011 Episode
December 12thEpisodeDecember 12th 2011 Episode
December 9thEpisodeDecember 9th 2011 Episode
December 8thEpisodeDecember 8th 2011 Episode
December 7thEpisodeDecember 7th 2011 Episode
December 6thEpisodeDecember 6th 2011 Episode
December 5thEpisodeDecember 5th 2011 Episode
December 2ndEpisodeDecember 2nd 2011 Episode
December 1stEpisodeDecember 1st 2011 Episode
November 30thEpisodeNovember 30th 2011 Episode
November 29thEpisodeNovember 29th 2011 Episode
November 28thEpisodeNovember 28th 2011 Episode

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May 28th 2015 Thursday1:00am
May 29th 2015 Friday1:00am
May 30th 2015 SaturdayOff-air
May 31st 2015 SundayOff-air
June 1st 2015 Monday1:00am
June 2nd 2015 Tuesday1:00am
June 3rd 2015 Wednesday1:00am

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