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Krishna Kanhaiya SerialSab TV lives up to its promise of laughter endless. Presenting a brand new show which is most likely tobe a TV version of the ultra-inspiring Bollywood movie, Krishna Kanhaiya, a production of Garima Productions is going to be a huge smash. The show is replacing the currently aired Peterson Hill. Lead role is decided to be played by Siddharth Arora as a modern day Krishna alongside Nikhil Ratnaparkhi. Actress lead role is going to be brought to life by Jaswir Kaur. Kaur’s character is married to Ratnaparkhi’s character and is said to be a bubbly, high-spirited woman. Viewers are eager to see what this show will bring since it is inspired by the very controversial Bollywood movie. This show is airing on Sab TV which is known to bar all soap operas from the channel and ranking entertaining and laughter as its number one goal, what this show will bring and how it will pull it off is going to be exhilarating. watch Krishna Kanhaiya throughout the weekdays at 10:30 pm so be ready to laugh till your stomach hurts.

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March 10th 2016 - Karna in Kaliyug- Part 2
March 8th 2016 - Karna in Kaliyug- Part 1
February 2nd 2016 - Ishita lands in jail

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December 14th 2017 Thursday10:00am
December 15th 2017 Friday10:00am
December 16th 2017 SaturdayOff-air
December 17th 2017 SundayOff-air
December 18th 2017 Monday10:00am
December 19th 2017 Tuesday10:00am
December 20th 2017 Wednesday10:00am

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