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Koi Aane Ko Hai SerialKoi Aane Ko Hai is the first of its kind show on COLORS, introducing the genre of socio-horror. This unique concept will be a mini-series, with each story showcasing a spine chilling tale of real life supernatural occurrences around the country. The show will cover the entire realm of the supernatural ghosts, ghouls, goblins, zombies, and haunted houses. These are stories which are believable yet unbelievable.

DateTypeKoi Aane Ko Hai OnlineComments
October 2ndEpisodeOctober 2nd 2009 Episode
September 27thEpisodeSeptember 27th 2009 Episode
September 26thEpisodeSeptember 26th 2009 Episode
September 25thEpisodeSeptember 25th 2009 Episode
September 20thEpisodeSeptember 20th 2009 Episode
September 19thEpisodeSeptember 19th 2009 Episode
September 18thEpisodeSeptember 18th 2009 Episode
September 13thEpisodeSeptember 13th 2009 Episode
September 12thEpisodeSeptember 12th 2009 Episode
September 11thEpisodeSeptember 11th 2009 Episode
September 6thEpisodeSeptember 6th 2009 Episode
September 5thEpisodeSeptember 5th 2009 Episode
September 4thEpisodeSeptember 4th 2009 Episode
August 30thEpisodeAugust 30th 2009 Episode
August 29thEpisodeAugust 29th 2009 Episode
August 28thEpisodeAugust 28th 2009 Episode
August 21stEpisodeAugust 21st 2009 Episode
August 16thEpisodeAugust 16th 2009 Episode
August 14thEpisodeAugust 14th 2009 Episode
August 9thEpisodeAugust 9th 2009 Episode
August 8thEpisodeAugust 8th 2009 Episode
August 7thEpisodeAugust 7th 2009 Episode
August 2ndEpisodeAugust 2nd 2009 Episode
August 1stEpisodeAugust 1st 2009 Episode
July 31stEpisodeJuly 31st 2009 Episode
July 26thEpisodeJuly 26th 2009 Episode
July 25thEpisodeJuly 25th 2009 Episode
July 24thEpisodeJuly 24th 2009 Episode
July 19thEpisodeJuly 19th 2009 Episode
July 18thEpisodeJuly 18th 2009 Episode

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May 25th 2015 MondayOff-air
May 26th 2015 TuesdayOff-air
May 27th 2015 WednesdayOff-air
May 28th 2015 ThursdayOff-air
May 29th 2015 Friday11:30am
May 30th 2015 Saturday11:30am
May 31st 2015 Sunday11:30am

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