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Khushiyon Ki Gullak Aashi SerialAashi’s is joy uninhibited, and this same wave of happiness washes over all and sundry involved in her life, everyone besides her parents who have made provision of money the only relationship between them. She wishes for nothing but the love of parents. This wish is granted as her chance meetings with an old couple in the city increases. As she interacts more with them she begins to notice sadness disguised behind their happy demeanor. Soon enough she unveils the truth of their son and daughter in laws ill treatment of them and decides to adopt them!! Not taken seriously, Aashi pursues the matter with gusto and enthusiasm, challenging all societal and judicial norms for the right to adopt parents. This opens a million new issues, with her real parents travelling across the world to claim their daughter. To add to this turmoil she has to choose between two boys and we all know ‘matters of the heart are the most complicated’. Read More

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November 26th 2017 SundayOff-air
November 27th 2017 Monday9:30am
November 28th 2017 Tuesday9:30am
November 29th 2017 Wednesday9:30am
November 30th 2017 Thursday9:30am
December 1st 2017 Friday9:30am
December 2nd 2017 Saturday9:30am

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