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Keshav Pandit SerialMohan Shastri, an innocent boy from a middle-class from Allahabad, is falsely convicted and therefore steps into jail at the tender age of 14. At 24, emerges Keshav Pandit, a man who knows every trick in the trade of law. He soon becomes 'Robin Hood' with a law book as his weapon.

After 10 years, Keshav sets out not only to get the long-awaited justice for himself but also for every innocent who has been trapped in the vicious circle of law.

Keshav with his team (Sayra, Mangal, Vandana and Sonu) battles the law system fighting it out against crooked and opportunistic lawyers and powerful criminals to get justice for the helpless common man. Keshav is the only lawyer without the black coat who doesn't fight for money but for justice.

On the personal front, he is tossed between two women - Sayra, the daughter of the Jailor of Tihar Jail who was always by his side in the 10 years he spent there. The other woman is Sonu, the love of his life, who waited for him for 10 years.

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