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Kesariya Balam Aavo Hamare Des SerialKesariya Balam Aavo Hamare Des is the heartrending story of a girl, Rukmini, who has a burn scar on her face. Set in the scenic locales of Rajasthan, this story depicts the trials and tribulations of Rukmini, as she lives through each day, facing humiliation from people all around her.

Rukmini is the daughter of Madan Singh and Dhapu, a poor Rajput family of Rajod. Rukmini is the bread winner of the family who earns a livelihood by making and selling earthen Krishna Idols. She has a younger sister Rasal and an adorable younger brother Gheesu.

DateTypeKesariya Balam Aavo Hamare Des OnlineComments
August 12thEpisodeAugust 12th 2011 Episode
August 11thEpisodeAugust 11th 2011 Episode
August 10thEpisodeAugust 10th 2011 Episode
August 9thEpisodeAugust 9th 2011 Episode
August 8thEpisodeAugust 8th 2011 Episode
August 5thEpisodeAugust 5th 2011 Episode
August 4thEpisodeAugust 4th 2011 Episode
August 3rdEpisodeAugust 3rd 2011 Episode
August 2ndEpisodeAugust 2nd 2011 Episode
August 1stEpisodeAugust 1st 2011 Episode
July 29thEpisodeJuly 29th 2011 Episode
July 28thEpisodeJuly 28th 2011 Episode
July 27thEpisodeJuly 27th 2011 Episode
July 26thEpisodeJuly 26th 2011 Episode
July 25thEpisodeJuly 25th 2011 Episode
July 22ndEpisodeJuly 22nd 2011 Episode
July 21stEpisodeJuly 21st 2011 Episode
July 20thEpisodeJuly 20th 2011 Episode
July 19thEpisodeJuly 19th 2011 Episode
July 18thEpisodeJuly 18th 2011 Episode
July 15thEpisodeJuly 15th 2011 Episode
July 14thEpisodeJuly 14th 2011 Episode
July 13thEpisodeJuly 13th 2011 Episode
July 12thEpisodeJuly 12th 2011 Episode
July 11thEpisodeJuly 11th 2011 Episode
July 8thEpisodeJuly 8th 2011 Episode
July 7thEpisodeJuly 7th 2011 Episode
July 6thEpisodeJuly 6th 2011 Episode
July 5thEpisodeJuly 5th 2011 Episode
July 4thEpisodeJuly 4th 2011 Episode

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