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Watch Kayamath OnlineIt tells the story of a couple, Prachi Shah and Neev Shergill. Prachi Shah believes in fairy-tale romances and awaits her Prince Charming. The most important people in her life are her father Inder Shah (Mohnish Behl) and childhood friend Neev (Jay Bhanushali). Neev Shergill on the other hand,is a casanova but has a heart of gold. He cannot understand as to why Prachi believes so much in love. Prachi although in love with Neev agrees to get married to Varun (Ejaz Khan) to make her father happy. Neev,on the other hand realizes that he too is in love with Prachi. He also discovers that Varun is a fraud and is already married .His wife's role is played by Anita Hassanandani. Neev declares his love for Prachi and they are engaged to be married. On the day of their wedding, all the hell breaks loose. Prachi's life takes a turn. Prachi's father dies and he is found dead in Amrita's house.Amrita and Inder had been involved in a relationship. They have an illegitimate child Ayesha (Sanjeeda Sheikh). Ayesha used to work at Prachi's house. Prachi and Ayesha share a sister-like relation. Ayesha hates her father although she has just come to know of his real identity in the past few episodes. Ayesha's mother,Amrita had gone mad waiting for Inder to come back. Finally,after 22 years,Inder completed his promise and died in Amrita's arms.

Then Prachi hears that her father's death was planned but when she was about to go and review the evidence it was stolen. Ayesha comes back seeking revenge from Shah family and destroys them completely with indirect support needed by Prachi. She then marries Neev and completes her revenge. Prachi goes to Turkey in search of evidence of her father's murder. Ayesha also plans her honeymoon in Turkey.

Milind Sees Ayesha in Turkey and is overjoyed but is shocked when he finds out that Ayesha is married. So to seek revenge from Ayesha he marries Prachi and returns all their property which was usurped by Ayesha before. Then he finally falls in love with her.

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DateTypeKayamath OnlineComments
March 12thEpisodeMarch 12th 2009 Episode
March 11thEpisodeMarch 11th 2009 Episode
March 10thEpisodeMarch 10th 2009 Episode
March 9thEpisodeMarch 9th 2009 Episode
March 5thEpisodeMarch 5th 2009 Episode
March 4thEpisodeMarch 4th 2009 Episode
March 3rdEpisodeMarch 3rd 2009 Episode
March 2ndEpisodeMarch 2nd 2009 Episode
February 26thEpisodeFebruary 26th 2009 Episode
February 25thEpisodeFebruary 25th 2009 Episode
February 23rdEpisodeFebruary 23rd 2009 Episode
February 19thEpisodeFebruary 19th 2009 Episode
February 17thEpisodeFebruary 17th 2009 Episode
February 16thEpisodeFebruary 16th 2009 Episode
February 12thEpisodeFebruary 12th 2009 Episode
February 11thEpisodeFebruary 11th 2009 Episode
February 10thEpisodeFebruary 10th 2009 Episode
February 9thEpisodeFebruary 9th 2009 Episode
February 5thEpisodeFebruary 5th 2009 Episode
February 4thEpisodeFebruary 4th 2009 Episode
February 3rdEpisodeFebruary 3rd 2009 Episode
February 2ndEpisodeFebruary 2nd 2009 Episode
January 29thEpisodeJanuary 29th 2009 Episode
January 28thEpisodeJanuary 28th 2009 Episode
January 27thEpisodeJanuary 27th 2009 Episode
January 26thEpisodeJanuary 26th 2009 Episode
January 22ndEpisodeJanuary 22nd 2009 Episode
January 21stEpisodeJanuary 21st 2009 Episode
January 20thEpisodeJanuary 20th 2009 Episode
January 19thEpisodeJanuary 19th 2009 Episode

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