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Kasamh Se SerialBani, Piya and Rano three sisters live in Mount Abu with their father Nishikant Dixit. They had lost their mother seven years back and after her death Nishikant took to drinking.

The father dies taking promise from Bani that she will take care of the sisters and also protect Rano and Piya from any problem. Bani is given a letter by a family friend Dayal that their father had left for them, in which Name and Address of Jai Walia is given. Jai Walia is resident of Mumbai.. and after the demise of their father he will look after them. The sisters now have to go to Mumbai. They take shelter from Jai Walia.

Jai's sister Jigyasa and her son Ranveer hate the sisters. Jai realizes that he likes Pia. Jai proposes marriage to her despite the age barrier. The family is shocked. Pia who is already in love with Pushkar agrees for the marriage thinking that Jai Walia will give her a better life than pushkar. Things take a turn when Pia decides to elope with Pushkar. Baani is shocked to learn that Pia is not coming back. Jigyasa suggests Baani that she take Pia's place IN the wedding.Baani who IS under pressure agrees AND gets married TO jai.Jai refuses TO accept the wedding.

Masi's presence AND Baani's persuasion changes the chemistry BETWEEN Jai AND Baani.Jai starts liking Baani FOR what she IS .However life has something ELSE IN store FOR them.A dark secret FROM jai's life starts haunting him AND his ex flame Roshni threatens TO ruin his married life BY revealing TO Baani the park road secret.Jai IS doomed.He detests the thought OF losing Baani.

Someone calls Baani at park road AND intends TO reveal the truth.Jai also reaches there.Jai finds Baani there.Jai decides TO tell Baani the truth finally.Jai reveals that 7 years ago he had killed Baani's mother accidentally.Baani IS devastated. AS Baani IS leaving she faints.Jai rushes her TO the hospital TO realize that she IS pregnant.Baani decides TO leave home.Before jai can stop her he realizes that there have been SOME blasts IN the town AND Baani IS missing.

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This is what Kasamh Se's schedule looks like for the next 7 days.
April 26th 2017 Wednesday11:30am
April 27th 2017 Thursday11:30am
April 28th 2017 FridayOff-air
April 29th 2017 SaturdayOff-air
April 30th 2017 SundayOff-air
May 1st 2017 Monday11:30am
May 2nd 2017 Tuesday11:30am

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