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Watch Karam Apnaa Apnaa OnlineThis is the heartwarming story of a small town girl who goes through a lot of hardships and finally comes out with triumphant colors. Gauri hails from a small hamlet of West Bengal, a sweet and simple girl who always wants to see her family happy.

Gauri's family comprises of her dad Alok, who is a vaidya by profession and is highly respected in his community, her younger sister Kaya who is very studious and aims to be a doctor, mashi ma and a brother and sister-in-law who live with them but do not share a good relationship with the rest of the family.

Gauri puts the happiness of others before herself. All she desires for herself is a loving husband. On the threshold of marriage, she is on the verge of turning her dream into reality... But what does fate have in store for her?

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DateTypeKaram Apnaa Apnaa OnlineComments
March 20thEpisodeMarch 20th 2009 Episode
March 19thEpisodeMarch 19th 2009 Episode
March 18thEpisodeMarch 18th 2009 Episode
March 17thEpisodeMarch 17th 2009 Episode
March 16thEpisodeMarch 16th 2009 Episode
March 13thEpisodeMarch 13th 2009 Episode
March 12thEpisodeMarch 12th 2009 Episode
March 11thEpisodeMarch 11th 2009 Episode
March 10thEpisodeMarch 10th 2009 Episode
March 9thEpisodeMarch 9th 2009 Episode
March 6thEpisodeMarch 6th 2009 Episode
March 5thEpisodeMarch 5th 2009 Episode
March 5thEpisodeMarch 5th 2009 Episode
March 4thEpisodeMarch 4th 2009 Episode
March 3rdEpisodeMarch 3rd 2009 Episode
March 2ndEpisodeMarch 2nd 2009 Episode
February 27thEpisodeFebruary 27th 2009 Episode
February 26thEpisodeFebruary 26th 2009 Episode
February 26thEpisodeFebruary 26th 2009 Episode
February 25thEpisodeFebruary 25th 2009 Episode
February 25thEpisodeFebruary 25th 2009 Episode
February 24thEpisodeFebruary 24th 2009 Episode
February 23rdEpisodeFebruary 23rd 2009 Episode
February 20thEpisodeFebruary 20th 2009 Episode
February 19thEpisodeFebruary 19th 2009 Episode
February 18thEpisodeFebruary 18th 2009 Episode
February 17thEpisodeFebruary 17th 2009 Episode
February 16thEpisodeFebruary 16th 2009 Episode
February 12thEpisodeFebruary 12th 2009 Episode
February 11thEpisodeFebruary 11th 2009 Episode

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February 5th 2015 Thursday11:30am
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