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Kairee Rishta Khatta Meetha SerialAlthough urban India has moved more towards love marriages and nuclear families, yet the majority of Indian heartland and even in urban and semi urban cities, arranged marriages form the majority. Families still live together and there are still instances where the compatibility of a mother in law, daughter in law and the son cum husband in the equation is not a given and certain expectation.

Kairee narrates the story of such a bride who has had an arranged marriage with a man whom she barely knows. It is her quest to be loved by her husband and in the process she also needs to form a bond with her mother in law. Not all such situations need to be a nightmare and Kairee is a mixed take on such a situation. Moments of joy often usurp some moments of disappoints and life is a bowl of salads with mixed ingredients.

Relationships are always a mix of khatta and meetha and Kairee is a real world take on family, values, new relations, arranged wed locks and the likes. Emotions do not call for overtly dramatic unworldly moments but can easily form part of our normal lives.

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