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Kahe Naa Kahe SerialKahe Naa Kahe is an engrossing drama series created by none other than the Czarina of prime-time television, Ekta Kapoor. The show will mark the launch of 9X’s prime time programming on the 12th of November 2007.

Kahe Naa Kahe is a refreshing story of a small-town, ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams. All set to get the viewers addicted to the television screen, this unique family drama, Kahe Naa Kahe will definitely strike a chord in the viewer’s heart.

Like other girls her age, Kinjal dreams of love and marriage, but with a big difference. Kinjal’s progressive mother Urmila is aware of her daughter’s dreams, and gives Kinjal her unending support.

Kinjal has four brothers, and a father who thinks that while his four sons can do no good, his daughter can do no wrong, even though she is in the midst of the preparations for her 50th wedding!

DateTypeKahe Naa Kahe OnlineComments
July 3rdEpisodeJuly 3rd 2008 Episode
July 2ndEpisodeJuly 2nd 2008 Episode
July 1stEpisodeJuly 1st 2008 Episode
June 30thEpisodeJune 30th 2008 Episode
June 26thEpisodeJune 26th 2008 Episode
June 25thEpisodeJune 25th 2008 Episode
June 24thEpisodeJune 24th 2008 Episode
June 23rdEpisodeJune 23rd 2008 Episode
June 19thEpisodeJune 19th 2008 Episode
June 18thEpisodeJune 18th 2008 Episode
June 17thEpisodeJune 17th 2008 Episode
June 16thEpisodeJune 16th 2008 Episode
June 12thEpisodeJune 12th 2008 Episode
June 11thEpisodeJune 11th 2008 Episode
June 10thEpisodeJune 10th 2008 Episode
June 5thEpisodeJune 5th 2008 Episode
June 4thEpisodeJune 4th 2008 Episode
June 3rdEpisodeJune 3rd 2008 Episode
June 2ndEpisodeJune 2nd 2008 Episode

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May 27th 2015 Wednesday11:30am
May 28th 2015 Thursday11:30am
May 29th 2015 FridayOff-air
May 30th 2015 SaturdayOff-air
May 31st 2015 SundayOff-air
June 1st 2015 Monday11:30am
June 2nd 2015 Tuesday11:30am

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