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Kaala Teeka SerialThis is not your usual daily soap. Things will get serious and scary when Kaala Teeka airs and the suspense will drive you crazy. On the backdrop of Mithila and on the banks of River Ganges lives Vishwaveer Jha (played by Bhupinder Singh) who is an astrologer. The sole purpose of his life is the safety of his beloved daughter, Gauri. His daughter is the victim of an ancestral curse but her savior has found her way to Gauri. Fate brings this savior in the face of an abandoned baby girl- Gauri’s kaala teeka in literal terms. For the love of his daughter, Vishwaveer adopts this baby, Kaali, and raises her as her own. Despite Kaali being a shield for Gauri, she is mistreated in the house and has a difficult childhood. Despite all the scars from her past, she goes on to become a strong woman. The show premiered on Zee TV on the 2nd of November and will air Monday to Friday at 7pm.

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May 9th 2017 - Aarambh | Devsena

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