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Kaala Sayaa SerialKaala Sayaa is the story of this evil… evil that wants to engulf us in its clutches, take over our lives and take us on a journey into the unknown dark world that exists around us.

As two investigators Ranvir (Mamik) and Aaliya (Aaliya Shah) try to solve several mysterious deaths, they come upon a 12 year old boy who is the only common link between the deaths. Further investigation leads them to an awakened demon with the ability to pass from body to body, destroying everything that comes in it’s path. It can possess anyone, be it a child, a priest, a mother or even a psychotic mad man. As the evil feeds on the darkness inside its unwilling but helpless hosts, growing more and more powerful, Ranvir and Aaliya take the help of a psychic and a journalist in tracking down the demon in order to kill it.

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December 13th 2017 Wednesday10:30am
December 14th 2017 Thursday10:30am
December 15th 2017 Friday10:30am
December 16th 2017 SaturdayOff-air
December 17th 2017 SundayOff-air
December 18th 2017 Monday10:30am
December 19th 2017 Tuesday10:30am

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