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Watch Jyoti OnlineJyoti, will trace the journey of a young woman Jyoti the eldest of the three daughters and the sole bread winner of the family who sacrifices her dreams and aspirations to fulfil every need of her family. Jyoti gracefully faces all obstacles and does everything and more than any son could ever do. Inspite of disturbing incidents, Jyoti strives forward with her undying positive attitude and continues to shine, yielding light to the people around her. This is the story of Jyoti… in today’s liberated world. This saga of a woman will see Sneha Wagh as the spirited Jyoti along with Sriti Jha, Sanjay Batra and Zaida Parveen among others. The story has been written by the noted writer Purnendu Shekhar and will be directed by Siddharth Sengupta. The show is produced by Sunjoy Waddhwa of Sphere Origins.

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DateTypeJyoti OnlineComments
November 27thEpisodeNovember 27th 2010 Episode
November 26thEpisodeNovember 26th 2010 Episode
November 25thEpisodeNovember 25th 2010 Episode
November 24thEpisodeNovember 24th 2010 Episode
November 23rdEpisodeNovember 23rd 2010 Episode
November 22ndEpisodeNovember 22nd 2010 Episode
November 19thEpisodeNovember 19th 2010 Episode
November 18thEpisodeNovember 18th 2010 Episode
November 17thEpisodeNovember 17th 2010 Episode
November 16thEpisodeNovember 16th 2010 Episode
November 15thEpisodeNovember 15th 2010 Episode
November 12thEpisodeNovember 12th 2010 Episode
November 11thEpisodeNovember 11th 2010 Episode
November 10thEpisodeNovember 10th 2010 Episode
November 9thEpisodeNovember 9th 2010 Episode
November 8thEpisodeNovember 8th 2010 Episode
November 5thEpisodeNovember 5th 2010 Episode
November 4thEpisodeNovember 4th 2010 Episode
November 3rdEpisodeNovember 3rd 2010 Episode
November 2ndEpisodeNovember 2nd 2010 Episode
October 29thEpisodeOctober 29th 2010 Episode
October 28thEpisodeOctober 28th 2010 Episode
October 27thEpisodeOctober 27th 2010 Episode
October 26thEpisodeOctober 26th 2010 Episode
October 25thEpisodeOctober 25th 2010 Episode
October 22ndEpisodeOctober 22nd 2010 Episode
October 21stEpisodeOctober 21st 2010 Episode
October 20thEpisodeOctober 20th 2010 Episode
October 19thEpisodeOctober 19th 2010 Episode
October 18thEpisodeOctober 18th 2010 Episode

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April 26th 2015 SundayOff-air
April 27th 2015 Monday8:00am
April 28th 2015 Tuesday8:00am
April 29th 2015 Wednesday8:00am
April 30th 2015 Thursday8:00am
May 1st 2015 Friday8:00am
May 2nd 2015 SaturdayOff-air

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