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Jo Ishq Ki Marzi Woh Rab Ki Marzi SerialThe path to a happy ending is paved with jealousy, misunderstanding, heartbreak, betrayal and revenge. The lovers do not unite so easily or quickly as one would want them to.

And thus the story is about their struggle to salvage emotions, and facing all adversaries to unite as lovers. It is a powerful tale that will become a fable for all those who believe in the supremacy of true love.

Story begins in the later half of the 19th Century and spans two decades. The look of the show is grand and opulent, keeping in mind the lifestyle of zamindars of those days. Three generations of the same family live under one roof, in harmony.

The show will deal with family honor, egos, and tempers, and also with love and affection between brother and sister, between father and daughter/son, and between brothers. Family values are an important aspect of the story.

Each character plays an element to the development of the narration of the story. The boy and the girl, are the messengers of eternal love who ride us along their journey of love.

DateTypeJo Ishq Ki Marzi Woh Rab Ki Marzi OnlineComments
June 12thEpisodeJune 12th 2009 Episode
June 11thEpisodeJune 11th 2009 Episode
June 10thEpisodeJune 10th 2009 Episode
June 9thEpisodeJune 9th 2009 Episode
June 8thEpisodeJune 8th 2009 Episode
June 5thEpisodeJune 5th 2009 Episode
June 4thEpisodeJune 4th 2009 Episode
June 3rdEpisodeJune 3rd 2009 Episode
June 2ndEpisodeJune 2nd 2009 Episode
June 1stEpisodeJune 1st 2009 Episode
May 29thEpisodeMay 29th 2009 Episode
May 28thEpisodeMay 28th 2009 Episode
May 27thEpisodeMay 27th 2009 Episode
May 26thEpisodeMay 26th 2009 Episode
May 25thEpisodeMay 25th 2009 Episode
May 22ndEpisodeMay 22nd 2009 Episode
May 21stEpisodeMay 21st 2009 Episode
May 20thEpisodeMay 20th 2009 Episode
May 19thEpisodeMay 19th 2009 Episode
May 18thEpisodeMay 18th 2009 Episode
May 15thEpisodeMay 15th 2009 Episode
May 14thEpisodeMay 14th 2009 Episode
May 13thEpisodeMay 13th 2009 Episode
May 12thEpisodeMay 12th 2009 Episode
May 11thEpisodeMay 11th 2009 Episode
May 8thEpisodeMay 8th 2009 Episode
May 7thEpisodeMay 7th 2009 Episode
May 6thEpisodeMay 6th 2009 Episode
May 5thEpisodeMay 5th 2009 Episode
May 4thEpisodeMay 4th 2009 Episode

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